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We believe in growing together with our clients and our associates.

Growth in terms of wealth and asset, increase net worth & financial knowledge.

Here's an opportunity to earn the income that you desire and the choice of living your own balanced lifestyle.

It’s never a “big enough” team in Nuovo Paradigm.

Our goal is to Achieve a total of 100 Million Dollar Awards in the next 5 years. You could be part of it too.

The best part is…

We have a proven system and leaders to guide you. We use the same system to create successful Nuovo Planners for over 7 years.

Everyone who works hard and put in the effort should be treated fairly in terms of recognition and reward.

In Nuovo Paradigm, everyone is given an equal chance to advance their career and be promoted to earn a next level income.

Imagine this...

5 years from now, you’ll have

The power to plan for your desired day and own time so you strike a balance of work and life

The freedom to control your own life circumstances and destiny

The feeling of abundance and have unlimited opportunity to earn and grow in their career

Don’t be like others,

Living with their current income, time-constraints, limitation of career growth

They have no future and hope of improving your life and personal growth

They stay where they are in life and have limitations in providing for family

Join us and become a

Confident, well-respected person with freedom of choice

Many of us came from diverse backgrounds and were once like you, they were not confident, have friends with the same stress and circumstances, not-respected or recognize, and have many limitation.

But look at them now.

“I was deputy general manager in a company for almost 10 years and have a decent pay! But after 10 years, working day and night, I thought to myself ‘this is not going to be the way, otherwise my whole life will be working like a cow. That’s when I joined this industry and this company.

Ever since I started, I’ve been qualifying for the company’s incentive trip every year. I believe these successes can only be achieved because of the guidance and coaching I received from the leaders throughout the years. The people here gives me a sense of belonging, I can always share my struggles and challenges with my leaders and able talk about anything. When we have set our goals, the leaders will share their experience on how to reach it faster and effectively. This is a young company and many things are done professionally unlike many ‘older fashioned’ and traditional companies out there.”

Sean Yap

“I came to a bottleneck in my career in a company that I’ve worked with for 4 years. Got promoted from an engineer to a quality manager and enjoyed the extra amount of good salary only at 27 years old. But I remained the same pay check for 3 years and there wasn’t any more room for growth. Although I was grateful for this job and the opportunity, but I had no work life balance and this wasn’t the life I desired.

Because of the training structure and the leader’s guidance in this company, I was able to hit my first goal in 6 months even working here part-time, that is RM1,000 per month. I only had weekends to work on this career when I started, but the leaders were helpful and generous to accommodate to my time. I thought that if I focus on this full-time, I’d be able to triple my income. True enough, my production tripled in 6 months time after I turned full-time. Unlike other companies, who I feel are more aggressive and like to “show off” the materialistic things, this company has a culture of humility and work their way up to gain trusts with their clients.”

Ee Kah Teik

“Believed it or not, I’ve been working in Astro™ for almost 20 years in the credit risk management department. Every year, working 9 to 5, making sure KPIs are hit. And then the next year, it will reset. It’s like an ongoing thing that will go on forever. That’s when I thought that the wealth planning industry was appealing because of the work-time flexibility coupled together with the unlimited income to earn.

When I started out, my “Iron-Lady” leader almost never said no to me. At anytime when I had some questions or problems, I would call them and they’ll immediately assist me even meeting my clients together. As a result, in my third month in this company, I’ve actually hit my next 3 months’ target. All achieved within a month. The people here are very helpful and cooperative when it comes to sharing knowledge. Even the leaders who are busy, they will make time and will always share their experience.”


“I was in sales, selling photocopier machines for close to 3 years.

Most of my appointments usually end late at night, yet I can be assured that even when I reach out to my leaders, they will attend to my queries. Because of their support, in my 2nd month I achieved the highest total production count among the year 1 and 2 planners. I really like how this company focused on the approach of ‘need-based’ selling. The whole process and culture of the way Nuovo Paradigm treats their clients really appealed and resonated with me. All of us will have the confidence of giving value to our clients and not just ‘being an agent’ for the sake of selling insurance.”